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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  February 12, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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we may indeed end the week out on a high note. liz claman, over to you. liz: oh, my goodness thank you so much. wall street pulling a wilt chamberlain, rebounding big time, the dow jones industrial average jumping right now up 287. we were just up about 296, so very close there. financials and energy stocks are driving the markets higher as oil makes its biggest gain in seven years. remember yesterday when oil settled at 26.21? today a major reversal as crude settles at $29.44 up more than 12%. that snaps a very long and painful six-day losing streak for oil investors. so we're looking at that. now, it may look good but the overall rally still will not be enough to head into the holiday weekend in the green. the markets are all on track to close the week green a nice move for the nasdaq up 64 points to the gauge.
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u.s. equities lost nearly $3 trillion this year. the worst 28 trading day start of the year ever as it pretends that the wilshire 5,000, which doesn't even have 5,000 stocks in it anymore, but we like to quote that because it does put into perspective how much many of you have lost. but today, the sun is out and the winner is financials. leapfrogging all other sectors. why? well, that man reports late yesterday that jp morgan ceo bought $26 million worth of his own stock, abank investors all gecked up and charlie gasparino is coming up with a alert, why you won't want to follow the heard and be aware of the buy back. hillary clinton hitting bernie sanders for her ties by wall street in last night's democratic debate. today this is a live picture as they await hillary clinton's appearance in denmark, south carolina for a town hall meeting. these live pictures were waiting to hear what she says. we'll bring you any breaking news.
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but this as the republican side of it. yes, those candidates swing through south carolina to reach the evangelical voters in that state with one major exception. our political panel tells us if donald trump can get away with trading the palm meadow state just as he did iowa. basically not being there. less than an hour to the closing bell. what a rally here. let's start the countdown. ♪ ♪ . liz: okay. these markets are a moving target but banks are going in one direction and that is up. the big bounce back today. financials are leading the charge in the market rally, the sector is up 3% and the names you see on your screen are all moving higher and pretty much leading the way. look at this. goldman sachs up three and three-quarters but nowhere near what city group is doing. seeing close to 7% right now but not far behind the financials are the materials. that sector is up about 3%. the biggest leaders on the day?
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freeport, which of course is a minor, international paper, alcoa and cf industries. big move there for freeport up 12%. but despite the markets being up, there are some notable nasdaq losers, activation blizzard, a gaming stock, reported after expedia, they had been soaring. do you remember i told you about those two yesterday? this they had good earnings but a few losses today perhaps investors cash in on the big move. it's been a wild week on wall street. every single week this week, folks, we have seen the dow moving triple digits stretching and pulling in all kinds of directions but that trend is hardly an anomaly and, in fact, we've seen 27 consecutive days of these kinds of swings and that ties the 2008 record the height of the financial crisis. so how are the experts playing this volatility? let's get right to the floor, cm e-traders, how is it
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possible that yesterday at one point we were down 400 points on the dow and today everybody forgets that the rainbows are out, do you believe this rally? >> you know what? i really don't believe this rally because like you said we've had 27 consecutive days of this type of crazy volatility here. there's so many different factors that are moving the market but not simultaneously; right? yesterday we came in the morning -- and the markets had a hang over from europe three-quarters through the day, oil pushed this market higher. and it's moving higher again today. so i don't know what that catalyst is going to be on tuesday after this long weekend, but i do know we're going to continue to see this volatility. that's just telling me how fragile these markets are, how quick investors are to get in and out and how overall the wall street and main street doesn't know what the overall direction this market is going to be in a short period of time. liz: i am so glad you're saying this, john, which brings me to jeff how is it possible that the entire market goes on a single oil minister which few people know
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the unite united arab emirates says we're considering cutting i don't want you and suddenly the dow spikes up 290 points. you get to the story, though. why the long tail on that single headline yesterday? >> well, again, remember this market has been beaten down unmercifully for the last couple of weeks. , in fact, what's more surprising is we got as low as we did. a little bit of a, say, a blitz -- a mention let's say like this a little weather comes out here. suddenly this market can go much higher. again, it has been overdone on the downside and let's face it, there's a limit to how much the market can do in one direction. so now suddenly the sentiment seems to be now they are going to talk about it. so, again, possibly this market could even go a lot higher. i think this market -- let's put it this way. i'm going to go out on a limb here, by the end of this year, you're going to see numbers that they discounted. maybe the mid-40s, maybe even 50s by the end of the year. it's a little early for that. i'm not going to dispute that.
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but, again, market is so susceptible to the upside here. but like you said, a very little comment like that takes the market right be back up here because, again, it was oversold to start with. liz: so true and, look, if you pick up marathon oil or even apache but mro i'm looking at it right now jumping nearly 7%, apache is on the same track the entire oil patch is looking very good but chris robinson, we've got retail sales number, i hate to ignore data like this because it was a beat. two-tenths of a percent increase for the retail sales for the month. the expectation was one-tenth of a percent. what do you read into that? and can we change the picture especially when -- why not when the atlanta fed came out with a report today saying that gdp is going to gap up considerably from what we thought it was. >> well, i think a lot of people out there hope that they're right. i think that the volatility we've seen, though, since the beginning of the year, it's hard to really get excited about one little item. you've got to realize we're heading into a long weekend.
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we had a pretty severe test yesterday of the 1,800 level and the s&p. a lot of poom thought that if that didn't hold, we would fall. and then you had a short covering rally. if you look at the charts, we've had 1,000 point swing in the dow twice so far this year between 15.5 and 16.4. that's a huge volatility. also take a look at the yield curve. we've moved so sharply so fast yesterday if you look at the bond futures chart. yesterday it looked like a blow off top just finally like a gmo, get me out order, i need to have safety, the fear trade came in. and i would say that. i would watch that bond, and i would also say the similarities between gold and the bond. gold is up in the first six weeks of trading. at the end of the day this market is trying to figure out is this a time when we buy dips or are we switching over to where we're going to be selling rallies? .
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liz: a new high for the dow while we've been speaking and that would be 309, up 309, chris makes an excellent point. i do want to say, yeah, when the atlanta fed says it's going to gap up for gdp, we thought what? seven tenths of a percent for the g4. now atlanta fed says that will go to 2.7% but, again, on a day like this, do you sell the names that have seen a little bit of profit here because you know from day to day this is changing like chris articulated. >> on a short-term basis, yes. heading into a three-day weekend adds fear into this market, a lot can happen over the weekend like we've said before. three days off, a headline out of china on sunday will really have an impact on the markets on tuesday and then wednesday we've got comments coming out of the fed. so, you know, we're -- we're by two different things that are going to happen here and tuesday is going to be a real unique day. liz: great to see all of you. every day is a unique day here on fox business; right? guys.
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>> thank you you have a great weekend. liz: great to see all of you. have a great, long weekend. at any minute hillary clinton is expected to start speaking at a how long hall in denmark, south carolina. just hours after shots were exchanged between her -- verbal shots, between her and bernie sanders last night at the presidential debate in wisconsin. sparred everything from immigration to foreign policy and who's more complementary president of barack obama. but did either sway the people of south carolina? adam shapiro was watching it. one of the biggest blows i thought was over sander's plan which she has talked about and gotten a lot of attraction for over free college tuition. >> that's right. people have analyzed and says he has a $3 trillion hole in his plan but taxing the rich fails to cover new cost of programs proposed by bernie sanders. now, one of those programs is
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offering free college tuition to cover student expenses. clinton proposes free tuition and her plan would cost by some estimates $350 billion over ten years. critics say clinton fails to specify exactly how she would pay for her tuition plan. but clinton through that criticism at sanders. >> after the american people bailed wall street out, yes, they should pay a wall street speculation tax so that we can make public colleges and universities tuition free. we bail them out, now it is their time to help the middle class. >> senator sanders plan really rests on making sure that governors like scott walker contribute $23 billion on the first day to make college free. i'm a little skeptical. >> when the debate turned to foreign policy, sanders attacked clinton for listening for former secretary of state henry calling him one of the
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most destructive secretaries of state in modern history. clinton says she listens to many people. liz. liz: we'll see, and it's so fascinating to watch on the democratic side to the republican side, we're going to hash that out in just a few minutes. adam, thank you. be sure to tune in for a special stossel tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern. john asks the question. is america really on the road to socialism? and what is socialism anyway? is there a new version of it? watch stossel -- it's on every friday on the fox business network. closing bell about 49 minutes away. take a look at what we call the dow auto heat map. it looks so green today. the tack guy would be thrilled if every single name is gregg green. the leader here is jp morgan chase, boy, do we have a story of why that's the case. but up next can you really call it a cease-fire? aid is headed to that area but to what? to whom? look at these pictures.
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syrian towns devastated by the five-year-old civil war. is there anything left to aid or bomb? is syria really on the verge of peace after that? major general bob scales says there's one winner in the deal that has apparently been struck and here's a hint. it's not us or any middle eastern country. he joins us next on countdown you both have a
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liz: well, hello, bulls. the bulls woke up today and still alive and kicking. someone gave them a five hour energy drink and still going, the dow jones up 201 points, the big moves on the market. the only sector that's down? s&p utility sector. some of the biggest laggers, will you tell us put them on your screen here american electric power, aep american solutions, these are names that are down but not that poorly. 1% and change for some of the utility names. well, overall it's a very strong rally today but could part of this rally be attributed to what happens in germany overnight? that's where major world powers gathered to tackle the bloodshed in syria. secretary of state john kerry meeting with other foreign leaders in munich, germany to agree to quote -- this is important. listen. a quote cessation of
3:17 pm
hostilities. oddly meaning not exactly a cease-fire but that aid will be delivered to the american people and a tax on those aid convoys will be avoided. that's supposed to take effect -- not today, not this weekend, but next week. here's what the convoys will find. scorched earth. literally take a look at these eerie drone pictures of the syrian city of homes. completely devastated by air strikes. we were talking about this early in our meeting and somebody says like berlin, post war berlin you would see people scurring around. you see nothing in those pictures. it's hard to believe that this region will be inhabitable in the future. and just this week the un report that 11.5% of the entire syrian population has been killed or injured since the conflict began. will this not a cease-fire cease-fire cap that number? retired u.s. army general on why this y his answer is "no." why not, general?
3:18 pm
>> well, the big winner here is, liz, russia. russia after a one-year military campaign, very low cost for them in terms of money and casualties wins everything. first of all, assad remains in power maybe for a generation. the ground gains that russia has made over the last year are now consolidated, and they get to keep them. yes, there's going to be aid going in but who controls the roads? assad does. the syrian resistance wasn't even consulted in this agreement. and they're the big losers. and the united states is able perhaps to claim a moral victory here. but the military conditions on the ground are what dictate the political conditions of this agreement and on all counts, liz, russia is the winner. liz: russia is the winner. and in a way assad because this i believe does not remove assad from any position. >> absolutely right. and assad not only gets to
3:19 pm
keep the part of syria that he's just conquered thanks to russian air power, but he gets to consolidate and, oh, by the way. guess who his new strategic partner is? russia. russia puts 400 missiles permanently stationed in the mediterranean that can reach into the seaport, battalion on the ground, 400 aircrafts conducting 500 air strikes a day. no to use the word perhaps but the genius of vladimir putin is showing through. this is a cheap, quick victory for him that gives him a permanent presence -- liz: well, what does it give us, major general? what does it give us in the united states? certainly we've gotten something from this or i'm getting up and walking out because that's depressing. >> nothing. nothing. i think what it may give the administration is a bit of a legacy boost. the president promised he'd end two wars.
3:20 pm
the last is he would want three wars an incursion in syria or libya, so there's some glory to keep us out of the middle east and keep us out of entanglements but in terms of the military advantage on the ground, advantage putin. liz: and speaking of the russians, it was russian weapons dealers that we had seen back in october being busted for trying to sell nuclear weaponry capability to isis. they were busted thankfully. i said pull up this video because thank goodness for romanian officials who were able to get in there and stop these guys. but the word was that these nuclear smugglers were trying to ship radioactive material to isis because quote they will bomb america. now apparently on 60 minutes this weekend the cia director is saying you know what? isis already has chemical weapons, and they may try to
3:21 pm
hit us with them or even nuclear weapons. >> well, here's the thing, liz, the chemical weapons are not a threat because this is mostly chlorine and mustard gas, very difficult to transport or sneak in the united states but you hit the nail on the head. the great threat is the nuclear weapon under the control of isis. al baghdady said time and time again to strike nuclear in the west actively shopping for material and god forbid should that happen, it's a lot easier to sneak a nuque into the united states than it is chemical weapons, liz. liz: well, the israelis have proven to be pretty darn smart when it comes to that kind of stuff. there's breaking news i want to ask you about and it has just moved. apparently proved the sale of pakistan about eight fighter jets, again, this is a very big story that may perhaps
3:22 pm
enrage india, i'm not sure what do you think about that. >> well, i think it's a good thing. one of the hidden messages here is that our relationship with pakistan over the last years have improved partly because we're backing away from the border areas of pakistan, the number of drone strikes have decreased enormously. pakistan is fearful of the fact that we're going to pull out of afghanistan. so -- and, oh, by the way, india is so dominant in the air that six more in f-16s aren't going to change the equation. so this is an act of goodwill. perhaps profits for lockheed martin but at the end of the day it's a good deal and good sale and maybe we should be selling more arms to pakistan, not less. liz: thank you very much, general. >> you too. liz: have a great holiday weekend. >> you too. liz: closing bell holding onto significant gains here just shy of 300 points to the upside of the dow jones industrial. one reason oil is rising today? well, the rig count numbers
3:23 pm
came up. we'll tell you what they showed and, by the way, it's the eighth straight week that it has shown this trend. jeff flock is live at the cme with what's pushing oil higher today, and it may be the hottest ticket on broadway in years but did hamilton just get a particular in the pants by taylor swift in the grammys? the controversy swirling over the man of new york city's biggest hit music's biggest night in los angeles. that's next in countdown the microsoft cloud allows us to
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liz: founding father alexander hamilton may be the face of the $10 bill and the subject of that hit musical on broadway but still not enough to beat pop's biggest princess. sang last week that his cast of the huge broadway hit hamilton was going to open the grammys ceremony monday night.
3:28 pm
hamilton is the first broadway musical ever to beat out of drake and straight out of compton soundtrack but the slight problem was that this one, taylor swift gets the nod from the grammy producers who were quite onboard with starting the show with that broadway musical. well, outrage followed in the broadway community but then this. a republican for hamilton says things were quote misconstrued. the show will perform on the grammys but won't open the grammys and there are no hard feelings. who would you pick? what do you think? taylor swift or hamilton? tweet me @lizclaman, you can find a message on our facebook page and find all the videos and links on still in the $20 andrew jackson territory, not to be bought with a single $10 but crude $29.44 per barrel the
3:29 pm
gain 12% after a significant run up in price driving all of the markets higher but take a look at gasoline prices even as oil jumps, gasoline's falling. after news out of the uae, the united arab of emirates that opec may cut oil production and if you believe that, jeff flock -- well, you're standing in the pits of the cme where the rig count caught traders eyes today. we should talk about that. >> i remember when oil was more benjamins. not anymore. although today we got a boost. you're actually right. it was the uae. and don't discount that uae report because that represents a real shift in that minister's viewpoint. a month ago he was saying opec will never do this now he's saying maybe. so whatever. the market's looking for an excuse and that rig count was another one. says 28 fewer rigs this week than last week. that's a pretty big drop, and it's a trend.
3:30 pm
down now to if i've got my numbers right 439 rigs drilling, 1,000 this time last year. a lot of people say, hey, listen don't look at the rig count because there's already oil wells that are drilled and they continue to produce. so this is just wells down the road. so maybe it's not as big of factor but this market, liz was looking for a reason to go higher. maybe beaten down enough. finally. liz: i don't know. people should not be burned by this. they should not look at this and say, oh, time to jump in because we've seen low prices that have sucked people in -- if you want to anybody he will; right? jeff? if you want to nightclub around the edges, that's fine. >> that's what the smart money says. you buy on the down -- but a little bit. buy a third on the down and then wait and then wait and see. you know? don't get greedy. liz: well, that's good for everything in life. don't get greedy. jeff, great to see you. thank you very much. jeff flock, closing bell ringing in exactly 29 minutes. here's a lack at the nasdaq
3:31 pm
leaders, nasdaq having a spectacular day. wynn resorts, sears holding really? it has had a nice climb in the year and a half back. that's why you have to be on the long term. and cheap rock climbing. groupon's offerings may not be the thrill of a stock over the past couple years. it's on fire today. look at this. up 30%. still under $3 a share, though, but it's close to higher than expected profits with strong sales in north america along with restructuring gains. up next politics and porn. not usually supposed to mix but senator ted cruz just found out that the hard way. our political panel on the ad around the world and how south carolina's evangelicals are reacting. not just for that controversy but to how the team handled it. countdown coming right back i appreciate you coming by.
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>> i'm lori on the floor of the new york stock exchange with the business brief. you never know there would be a three-day weekend coming up. traders should sure had it this week as you can see the dow up 289, the s&p up 33, the nasdaq up 66 points. well, it's not enough for gains on the week. in fact, we're looking at significant declines on the week. the dow and s&p off, give or take, about 4.5%. again, for this week. oil has been the story today. oil seeing its largest gain in seven years after settling at a nearly 13-year low yesterday. so this comes after the uae emirates said members of opec were possibly considering production cuts. financial sector this year, well, that's the best performer in the session today. investors looking for bargains from this beaten down sector you can see the big moves in name like jp morgan, national
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i didn't know that using ancestry would be so easy.
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liz: closing bell 23 minutes away and as you see we're holding onto these gains high of the session up about 309 for the dow, up 273 so a teeny bit of profit taking here but that nasdaq holding strong, look at the s&p up one and three-quarters percent. one name gaining this season is wynn resorts. up nearly 15% right now after beating earnings estimates. we should mention that revenue did fall but investors were very encouraged -- and this always happens with gaming stocks. you use the word mccow, that's, like -- i don't know. what did we call it? kitty what? catnip. it's like catnip to investors. when you say mccow looks good, people jump in. growth in mccow is improving
3:38 pm
in 2016 and end quote looks so the stock the stock jumping. from the up country to the low country, all but one of the republican presidential candidates is touring south carolina today making their pitch to voters in the final 14 days before they head to the polls. well, who's the one? donald trump. not in south carolina at all today. he's headed to bush country and will hold a rally in tampa, florida tonight. and along with adam to talk about 24 hours until he'll address the voters in the south carolina presidential debate elites leeds people to believe, adam i'll let you start, why is he repeating what he did in iowa? >> well, now that's a great question, liz. right now you have to play the presidential campaign stoor becausstereo because going to be running after these south carolina, nevada we saw
3:39 pm
looking at march 1st and a slew of southern states. you have to start campaigning or you'll be left behind. so i happen to be in tampa. i expect a pretty good crowd tonight for donald trump. liz: okay. >> but i think what we're looking at right now is a -- a campaign where there's a different story line every day. there's a different election line every week, and i think americans by record numbers are tuning in and want to be a part of this conversation. liz: craig, let's talk about what the democrats are doing, in fact, they had to be in wisconsin last night and so they're now rushing to south carolina i would imagine. everybody's attending the bob jones university area and that's a big topic of discussion at the moment. but there was an interesting moment when bernie sanders and hillary clinton were sparring -- how are you going to pay for all of these promises bernie that you're making to people like free college education? >> i think it was very interesting. secretary clinton was definitely focused, she was relaxed, she was confident, but she also -- and, you know,
3:40 pm
i think organizationally pretty scared and putting him on the spot like she hasn't in the past. so it's -- she also, you know, clearly embraced the president and clearly designed to help her in south carolina over the next few days. liz: in just denmark, south carolina, just taken the stage and speaking before a town hall meeting. there's the live picture it of. so it's a little bit fuzzy, so we're going to hold off on taking it, but looking at all that's happening here, the big story certainly in what we call the tabloids in new york is this ted cruz story about the ad whereby accident apparently the people that put together his ads hired among other people a soft porn actress. let's show you the ad and then perhaps not so much that she was hired but how they handled it that's coming up. let's hear it. >> with being lied to. >> well, i voted for a guy who was a tea party hero in the campaign trail, and then he went to dc and played
3:41 pm
patty-cake with chuck schumer and cut a deal on amnesty. >> does that make you angry? >> angry? it makes me feel dumb for trusting. >> maybe you should vote for more than a pretty face next time. . liz: okay. so it was that one lady that said maybe you should vote for a pretty face. she standard in previous life movies called secret of a chamber name, volume ii milf. it's soft porn, she's trying to make an honesty living now. it's more .w they pulled the ad. and i've been hearing a lot of people on the republican saying wait a minute if you're appealing to christians that think you should forgive and reach out to people like that, is that going to backfire or is that the right thing to do? >> i tell you this is at makers like myself gray hair because as much as we think we vetted ourselves and the kansas around us, suddenly we have to start vetting the people in our commercials. it happens. i don't think this is a big deal.
3:42 pm
i think -- raise the right questions. it's all how you handle it. this whole presidential campaign is a test of metal and how you do when the chips are down, i think this is a tough moment for cruz, and i'm glad the stock market is doing well today. i don't think his did necessarily well but tomorrow is another trading day. liz: yeah, and why not simply say stand by these decisions? maybe that's why donald trump is resonating, craig because he says, yeah, so what. that is how i feel, that is what i've done in the past and maybe they should have said, yes, we hired her, she was the best foreign job and we did not know her background and maybe that helps us more that she's making a smart living now. >> i don't think there's any good way out of it. that's the sort of thing that gives consultants great hair but it's not that difficult to vet people who app in an ad. it's an online ad, i think it was funny, i think it was amusing for insiders. i don't think it would have been very effective for voters if it would have been reduced
3:43 pm
to a 30-second or 60-second ad. but there was no good way out of it once they made that mistake. liz: well, good for amy lindsey. everybody knows her name now. gentlemen, thank you, great to see you. >> thank you. liz: any time and adam, great to have both of you. be sure to keep it right here for all of the election coverage and news in 2016. fox business live saturday february 20th for the south carolina primary and nevada caucus coverage starts at 6:00 p.m. eastern. why do we invest so much in that? why do we as a business network go there? because it does matter to your pocketbook as does what's happening on your screen. dow jones industrials up 277 points. big change from yesterday. and here's a question for you i would like you to think about. just because the ceo does it, should you? shares of jp morgan shining today after ceo jamie diamond made a megabet on his company's stock but charlie gasparino rushing down right now to tell you why you should think twice about following suit. i'm billy,
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call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. liz: this is a classic warren buffet move. buy when things get crazy and jp morgan shares were getting crazy. a report leaked yesterday that jp morgan ceo swept in and snapped up more than $26 million of his bank's shares, 500,000 shares but charlie gasparino here to issue this warning. beware the buy back. >> i would just say it wasn't leaked, it might have been initially leaked but they made a filing last night, jp morgan made a filing where it shows that he bought a chunk of stock of $26 million worth, we should point out that he
3:49 pm
earned 27 million. so he basically took his entire chunk of change that he earned for 2015 and used of money to buy stock. liz: so why beware of the buy back? >> i would say this. jamie's people he thinks the stock is cheap, he wants to make a statement about bank stocks, about his company stock not necessarily all bank stocks. but clearly bled over as you know the bank stocks were up today. i've seen this act before. i saw it with bear stearns in 2007, i'm not saying jp morgan is bear stearns. liz: of course not. talk about bear stearns because just as people were flipping out of their mind. >> running around saying -- liz: the ceo. >> and this is 2007 before the whole thing blew up. he would run around talking about how the stock is cheap. you know, people would say that at lehman brothers. liz: did he buy that stock? >> i believe he did. but certainly didn't sell it, and i would tell you that beware of the ceo who says your stock is cheap.
3:50 pm
now, jp morgan isn't going out of business. pretty confident saying in a. but jp morgan like all the banks are going to get hit if we get a recession. and, you know, these guys, you know, know that they face some parallelist waters going forward if we have a recessio. liz: i think the warning you're trying to give people is that you've got to be careful when the head person is trying -- maybe. i have no doubt that he believes the stock is company, but they're trying to reverse negative sentiment also said we're buying about 3.5 million right now of our debt. that's whattan -- >> and deutsche banc we should point out is different than jp morgan. why are they buying back their debt? they have lower capital ratios, poor capital ratios. a little bit more leverage than jp morgan. so they're buying back debt as opposed to stock. i don't think they have the currency to buy massive amounts of stock. liz: but look over here, shiny object. >> yes. this is the banking industry -- i guess what we've got to point out is that the banking industry has to do all
3:51 pm
sorts of things in the next couple of weeks and months to basically say that we're fine. and stock buy backs is one of them i would tell the average investor don't follow the lead. watch the economy. the economy gets better? then maybe -- jamie is right. if it doesn't get better, these bank stocks are not going to do too well. and the other banks, they're all minimum on whether they're going to go out and do the same thing. liz: mum. did you happen to see volume ii milf or the chamber made. you heard about this story. >> yeah. listen, very pretty girl. do we have a picture of her? . liz: just professional. right there. she's the one. >> okay. now, here's the thing. this was started by the liberal media who wanted to - liz: oh, come on. >> no, listen, the daily beast which i occasionally --is all o. >> but they started it where they said that they were basically -- basically out the this poor woman for being in a couple of films which bathed
3:52 pm
sarah jessica parker does more soft core porn in sex in the city. liz: that's humor and that's hbo. >> bill clinton did hard-core porn. let's be clear here. bill clinton -- let's be clear. bill clinton did hard-core porn in the oval office and the liberal media supported him and they tried to out this poor lady. they're disgusting. i feel bad for her. and, by the way, ted cruz -- here's the other thing that i would say. donald trump would stand behind her. liz: ted cruz isn't. so -- >> that's horrible. but after -- after getting out the by the liberal media, which allowed bill clinton. liz: somebody -- you don't think that his competitors out there on the republican side -- >> bill clinton did hard-core porn -- liz: okay. you've said that three times. thank you, charlie, when the floor crew starts groaning, charlie gasparino thank you very much. dow jones industrials up about 284 points. we are coming right back. don't go away
3:54 pm
3:55 pm
3:56 pm
liz: 5 minutes before the closing bell rings, can we close higher than 300 on the dow? we're there right now. let me bring in chief market strategist. you have a lot of hats to wear, let me put on your, speak to our viewers hat. people are nervous, should they believe what they are seeing on the screen? if not, when shall we expect a bottom. >> right now, differentiate a longer term outlook, versus a shorter term move in the market. and volatility we're experiencing now, i think this is a nice play to enter the market, buy defensive names. for a rally investors need to change their mind set, be more
3:57 pm
tactical, more willing to sell the rallies than they normally might be. liz: that makes people more traderresque? >> it does. liz: you may see an opposite day tuesday after long holiday. why do you go? >> i think staples, i can't speak to individual names but the xlp contains names that i would think about. the things that people need to buy, you know whether they are good or bad. liz: the procter & gambles of the world. >> yes. liz: and the j&js you have to get in and use products, who does not use tylenol or band-aids in their house even in a bad economy. >> right. liz: you have great hair. have you not been tearing it out. this is a tough market to deal with.
3:58 pm
>> it has been getting grayer. liz: but it's not thinning, i tell you that. >> the credit markets are what keyed me into what i thought would be a platt to difficult -- flat to difficult 15, why i'm not that constructive on 2016. going to 2014, the credit markets were good, we were bullish. i like to look at high yele credit, how wider spreads, as of late, liquidity in the market for high yield bonds not terrific. liz: right here, after market gains of 10%, i need to point out to the viewers we're close to session highs right now, dow jones industrial up 3 -- 307, gold reversing today. are you a gold guy. >> i try to be, but i don't do it well.
3:59 pm
sometimes people buy it because they are afraid, the recent rally in gold is because people were afraid. they bought treasuries and gold, other times they sell it as a source of liquidity. liz: have a lovely holiday weekend. here we are near second highs -- session highs up 300 up 304 on a day on day basis, i hand it over to david a and melissa francis. melissa: ted cruz and marco rubio up their attacks on donald trump's character. in an ironic twist, cruz had to pull an ad off tv. david: thinks are heating up on the democratic side, hillary clinton is slamming bernie sanders' plan to grow
4:00 pm
federal government by 40%, steve networks is here with his -- steve forbes here with his take. melissa: bundle up, we're live in the weather center for updates [closing bell ringing] stocks stages a big rally today. dow up over 300. as closing bell sounds on wall street, 308, a look at whethe at -- where we're ending, light sweet crude trading up. david: 27, now to 30 dow in the green, if you are in stocks you are making money today, a welcome change, where we have seen red, lori rothman on floor of the new york stock exchange, i know oil had a lot to do with it still down almost 5% for the week. reporter: interesting you mentioned, that i checked that stat, crude oil


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